Friday, July 23, 2004

OneNote 802.11g Sharing/Mirror

It seems possible under OneNote SP1 to set up a real time, peer to peer, multiuser ad-hoc network in a conference room running 802.11g on each TabletPC and sharing a single OneNote page (or any other shared digital files on any tablet in the group) that anyone in the group can see, write, and share without needing an internet router base station access point. This would be particularly useful in an interview, deposition, or courtroom setting. With an internet connection, you can also include remote users into that local group via IP say, for example, from a home office via a MSN/Webdav folder in real time.

To set up a small soho/department level ad-hoc wireless network, each wireless adapter must be configured for ad-hoc mode versus the alternative infrastructure mode to access the internet. In addition, all wireless adapters on the ad-hoc network must use the same SSID and the same channel number.

As a more robust alternative, an access point can be deployed functioning as a hub (vs. a switched router used to deploy an internet connection) which provides a peer to peer network even though all computers are set to infrastructure mode vs. ad-hoc. See this link.


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