Sunday, December 09, 2007

No Assignment = No Relief From Stay & Lender Can Lose Secured Position if Bankrupcty filed before Assignment!

Looks like the Bankruptcy Courts in San Diego are challenging parties far removed from the original mortgage to provide actual proof that they own the mortgage, and have standing to engage with the homeowners.

Kenneth Andrews, a California attorney who also runs the blog San Diego Predatory Lending, explains:
"One of our lawyers was sitting in court waiting on a hearing and heard what happened. This was a relief from stay motion. Something the lender has to do to proceed on a bk. The motion was unopposed meaning the debtor did not defend it. THE JUDGE DID THIS ON HER OWN!!!!. The lawyers fell off the bench when they heard it.

We are now going to oppose every relief from stay if the names on the mortgages don’t match the parities filing in court. Same as the Boyko case in Ohio but in an NON-Judicial foreclosure state.

EVEN BIGGER though is that if the lender has not perfected their lien when the bk is filed, we can avoid it. Meaning they lose their security and stand in line with the rest of the unsecured creditors. The debtors get a 75k homestead that stands in front of the now unsecured lender.

This is a huge problem for securitized mortgages."


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